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We sell to collectors, public and private museums, individuals, interior decorators and expert architects that specialise in theming pubs, bars, restaurants and atypical shops, and decorators that specialise in window displays, among others.

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We offer you the possibility to rent any of our items on sale for activities that require a limited period of time. For example: the filming of ads, movies or video clips, as props for plays, events and private parties, window displays and stands.
If you are interested in renting any of our items, please request information about conditions, prices and availability.

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We are interested in buying any of the items mentioned above. We will offer you the best valuation. You may contact us through the website or by visiting our store in Valencia.

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RETRORIGINAL is a project led by Jorge Gresa and Sergio Prieto, two friends with a passion for retro and vintage items. During many years we have dedicated our free time searching for authentic collectibles, absolutely unique and original, and brought from different parts of the world.

This hobby comes from afar and some time ago we were owners of the Café Museo PEMBERTON , located in a historical building in old town Valencia and decorated with our collection of Coca Cola antiquities, appearing in the Guinness Book of World Records during the 90's. Pemberton was an emblematic establishment with rich cultural activity and frequented by well- known personalities in the world of culture, politics, business, arts and sports. In Pemberton many movie scenes were shot, television programmes for Canal 9 were filmed, there were art exhibitions by renowned artists such as the painter Antonio de Felipe and some of its items were used to decorate television series, such as the Ramon y Cajal Noble Prize for TVE (Spanish National TV)

Currently and after many years working as directors of multinationals, we have decided to embark with RETRORIGINAL on a new business project focused on the world of collecting and interior decorating, offering our Customers carefully selected and difficult to find antiquities with experiences that tell very curious and surprising stories, making them special and unique treasures.

In addition to our field of specialisation with vintage advertising items, we work with small craft and antique shop furniture, coin-operated machines (slot machines, tobacco and chewing gum vending machines, pharmacy scales, jukeboxes, pinball, foosball, etc...), film items, metal toys and any retro, vintage, industrial or American POP item that is unique, with certain charm and which evoke childhood memories.


RETRORIGINAL is our registered Trademark through which we want to transmit that our items are vintage, RETRO style and absolutely ORIGINAL, either for their uniqueness or their authenticity because we do now work with replicas nor reproductions.


Our main objective consists in sharing with others our passion for the aesthetic of vintage advertising items, with interesting tales, authentic objects, different and unique that were produced with high quality material, in the old-fashioned way and made to last for many years.

Objects that once offered an advanced and innovative design for their times, and in a very creative and innovative way, were used to advertise leading Brands we know nowadays.

We do not want these past treasures to remain forgotten in storage rooms, garages, attics, warehouses, back rooms, workshops or stores, because they are actually true hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Our mission is to search for them, find them, obtain them, rescue them and retrieve them. Make them available to individuals, collectors and professionals (decorators and interior decorators, advertising agencies, photography studios, specialised publications, window display and stand designers, film, theatre and television producers)for them to be enjoyed by any lover of Retro-Vintage style, Industrial type Decor and American POP culture.

Through the opening of our store in Valencia and the launching of our website, specialised in vintage advertising items for decoration and collecting, we intend to be an international and national reference centre for this type of antiquities, making them available to our Customers.

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